15,5040,00 be PVM (18,76 su PVM)

Purpose: For decorations, light-transmitting products, prototyping, production of lightly loaded parts resistant to environmental influences (sun, temperature changes, humidity)
Material: Simple PETg

Weight: 1kg

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Brand Geek Fil/lament
Deformation temperature, °С 90
Designation Decorative items, unloaded parts, objects for outdoor display
Drying no
Impact strength, kJ/m2 19.85
Material PETg
Recommended extruder temperature, °С 225-235
Recommended printing speed, mm/c 40-60
Recommended temperature of the heated area, °С 65
Shore hardness, D 72
Shrinkage low
Tear elongation, % 3.1
Tear strength, MPa 27
Tensile elongation, % 2.9
Tensile modulus, MPa 1422.5
Tensile strength, MPa 31
Thread diameter, mm 1.75
Type PETg
Type Budget plastics GeekFilament ©
Weight, kg 1 кг


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